NickName: Emperor Katax (search it in Google)
Name: Cliff
Birth: 28th. January 1974 - 35° 41' 46? N, 51° 25' 23? E - 23:30

Master of Multimedia Honor 2011 (Computer game) and Master of Multimedia 2010
from "Swinburne University of Technology" Melbourne - Australia
B.A of Computer Hardware Engineering from "Azad University of Tehran (South Unit)"

Expert on:
Computer Programming with PHP, Action Script 3.0, C++, C# and HTML 5
Multimedia application development (Presentation /Interactive/ Educative / Advertisement)
Digital Graphic Design and Digital Art (2D/3D)
Game engine programming with PHP and Action Script 3.0 for web and also C# and XNA
Web Design with Flash, Flex, Dreamweaver and HTML/CSS
Computer games (PC and Amiga)

Soft Wares:
Adobe Photoshop - Ulead Photo Impact - Adobe Flash - Adobe Dreamweaver - Adobe Flex
Adobe Illustrator - Corel Draw - Ulead Gif Animator
Autodesk 3D Studio Max - Autodesk Motion Builder - Bryce - Poser - Ulead Cool3D
Adobe Premier - Ulead Media Studio Pro - Adobe After Effect

Special Skills:
Digital design (3D modeling, Digital photography, Fractal design)
Programming complex applications (use Math and Events)
Social network and Comunication Skills
Strong hardware and software debugging skill, Customize personal computers (hardware) based on client`s needs
Strong problem solving skill on Windows Operating System family


1.Programming/ Multimedia Design/UI & UX/Software Development

Summer and autumn 1995 "The first multimedia concert in Iran with Aryobarzin music band":
I developed and design graphical and visual effect which lively interact with music during the concert. (Real time processing animation) These effects were programming on Amiga platform by using Blitz Basic language and Amiga Basic language and "Demo Maker" software.

Oct 2010 - Jan 2012 Interactivity Pty Ltd: I was responsible for developing interactive touch screen applications and real time applications which are used for Real Estate touch screen units and advertisement proposes. I used Action Script 3.0 in front of .Net technology for development. In web design, I do development and UI for couple of clients. I used HTML 5 and CSS 3with JavaScript and JQuery for web developments. Interactivity has couple of multimedia projects as online units or stationary units. I was responsible for design and development these applications based on customer`s idea and user experience design. Please visit www.interactivity.com.au and www.eguestbook.com.au for more details.

Autumn 2006: An interactive application on CD for complete presentation of my last project in my university. This CD contains full information about a method call "Nibok" and it models creating a computer game from first step to last with any detail. This method is made by me and I use all of my experiences in computer games during 1989 to 2006 in this interactive document. Built and design with Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Director, Bryce and Lingo programming language. Game snapshots are made by me during game play.
Summer 2003 Dadar mime group:
Design and develop application for presentation tile-art designs of "Dadar" art group. It was designed for mini disks. Built and design with Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Director, Bryce, Lingo programming.

Summer 2002: Designing an interactive application for The First Iran International Confectionery Fair 9th to13th Sep. 2002. The application covers all information related to each clients in the event and presents data based on user's choice. Built and design with Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Director, Bryce and Lingo programming language.

Summer 2000 to winter 2004 Padiddeh Afzar Co Pty: Designing interactive applications for "Padiddeh Afzar Co", a civil software development company. They provide local computer softwares for civil engineers both for educational and structural aids. I designed and developed multiple interactive applications during 4 years which was mostly covers educational areas over their job and softwares. I worked with video files and communication between video players and C++ applications.

Spring 2005: Design and development educative application of "Queen - Mc. Claskey" method in digital circuit, one of the hardware engineering courses. This was part of an educational program supported with my university. Built and design with Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Director Lingo programming.

2. Graphic Design/Publish/Print

Spring 1998: Poster design for "Ararat" real estate.
Winter 1998: Catalogue of "Alvita" food industry company.
Winter 1999: Magazine advertisement for "LKZ" civil business company.
Summer 2000 to winter 2004: Complete print works of "Padiddeh Afzar" computer civil software company. I designed advertisements and teaching materials which published on magazines, public, web and commercial international fairs during that period of time.
Autumn 2000: The artwork of book covers wrote by "Mr. Parviz Khorsand".
Autumn 2001 to winter 2002: The complete artworks for "Cactus" cyber café (Game-network café).
Spring 2002: The artwork of "Asre Jadeed" Food provider company.
Summer 2002: The complete art work of "The First International Confectionery Fair- Tehran 2002".
Summer 2002: The catalogue of "Minoo" food industrial company.
Winter 2002: The artwork of "Shahd Arang" food industrial company.
Winter 2002 to spring 2003: The complete artworks for "Basir Eye Center" medical group which were expert on "“Eye Medical Services and Surgery"”.I designed complete set of office peppers like logos, lay out pockets, special forms and .. including design internal advertisements like posters.
Winter 2002: The logo design for "NOVA" cyber café (Game-network café).
Winter 2002: The artwork for "Morshed Gohar" industrial group.
Spring2003: The artwork of "Bonyan Tarh Tadbeer" civil engineering company.
Summer 2003: Design cover and booklet for an audio collection CD that contains a selection of various music types. For designing this CD I focus on big collection of digital resources and pick up some visual items for design. Each page and section contains images and design, which got influenced by the lyrics. This collection, named "IJACT", is one of my best artworks and I like that so much. Design with Adobe Photoshop, Ulead Photoimpact, Corel Photopaint, Bryce, Poser and a large number of photographic digital materials.
Summer 2003: The artwork of "Trap" bridge construction company.
Autumn 2003: The artwork of "Ghoghnoos" art education center.
Summer 2004: The logo design for "Bonyane Salamate Sabz" environment protection company.
Winter 2004: The "BOOF" fast food shop’s box design.
Winter 2004: The artworks for my office, "The Sun Dragon" cyber café (Game-network café).
Spring 2005 to winter 2007: The artwork of monthly local Iranian business & employment magazine that known as "Rahnamaye Mashaghel" in Tehran. I was designer of issues between June 2005 to February 2007(issue: #57 to #76) published 5000 issues monthly.
Autumn 2005: A picture correction project for "Arven" music company.
Winter 2005: A commercial project for "INOTECH" business-industry company.
Summer 2006 to now: The original artwork of "Ahoora" rock band. That was their first album. The complete CD cover, posters and tickets. Background?s artworks by ZDZSLAW BEKSINSKI chosen from Ahoora band.
Summer 2006: The general catalogue of "Khadem" industrial group.
Autumn 2006: The complete artwork for "Hananeh" food industry company.
Winter 2006 to now: The complete artwork for "Daris Spad" electronic-research company.
Winter 2006: The pallet design for an electronic music instrument made by "Mahavoice Skytravers". Design with Adobe Photoshop. (Private order)
Winter 2006: The panel for an electronic music instrument made by "Mahavoice Skytravers".. (Private order)
Winter 2006: The complete artwork of "Faraz Felez" industrial-business company.
Winter 2006: The pallet design for an electronic music instrument. Design with Adobe Photoshop.
Winter 2006: The panel of an electronic light-managing instrument. (Private order)
Spring 2007: The "PARADATA" mime group artworks.
Spring 2007: The general catalogue of "Yas" real estate.
Autumn 2007: Poster designs for "Amood" architectural group.
Spring 2010 – Winter 2012: Print and design works for "Interactivity Pty Ltd" (interactive application developer).

3. Web Design/Development:

Summer 2000: My first web design project, "New York Web Buzz". It was group of developers which start web design, using DHTML and Java Script for designing web.
Spring 2001: The web site of "Art Chalet" print office, an art/design group. Developed with Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Java script, Ulead Cool 3d, Ulead Gif Animator and Microsoft FrontPage.
Summer 2002: The web site of "Padiddeh Afzar Co", civil software development company. Developed with Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Java script
Summer 2005: The web site of "Mobile Telecommunication Co.", mobile and telecumunication business provider in Dubai. Developed with Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft FrontPage, HTML, Adobe GoLive.
Autumn 2005: The web site of "Abshar Group", an industrial group that provide the Industrial oil colors. They ask for a full Persian web site because of local customers. Developed with Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft FrontPage, HTML, Adobe GoLive. Please visit: http://abshargroup.com/cont.htm
Spring 2006 to now: The web site of "Ahoora" Rock band. Developed Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Frontpage and HTML.
Spring 2006: The web site of "Arya", a rail networking engineering company. Developed with Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft FrontPage, HTML, Adobe GoLive.
Autumn 2006: The web site of "Mahoor", an art-business group. Developed with Adobe Photoshop.
Summer 2007: The web site of "Iran Papyrus",paper industry. Developed with Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft FrontPage, HTML, Adobe GoLive.Please visit: http://www.iranpapyrus.com/enghome.html
Winter 2007: Development website for "AEO". They provide services for international students.
Spring 2009: The first web logo of "Teachme TV", an Australian web site which provides local educative materials in video format. Designed with Adobe Photoshop.
Winter 2009 - present: "ClickWize Web Development" a team of web and multimedia developers based in Melbourne. We work as a team on web site development, CMS and Flash advertisement. I do user interface design UI by using Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator, also I do programming using web programming languages like HTML, Java and CSS. For CMS, I use PHP with MySQL and also Joomla.
Please visit:http://www.clickwize.com.au/
Summer 2010 "Get Sale web site":The web site "Get sale", was a CMS project developed by PHP and MySQL. The web site provides Fashion Shopping information for the members. The members could have a profiles in the web site and changed some properties depends on what type of materials they looking for. Also administrator of the web site can manage the users and data bases. I used static and dynamic data base declarations with PHP and MySQL for this project.
Autumn 2010: The web site of "eGuestbook", one of the interactive online video services provides by "Interactivity". Developed with Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, Java Script and Adobe Illustrator.
Please visit: http://www.eguestbook.com.au/

4. Game Design/Programming (Video Games):

Jan 2012 - Mar 2012 Panzer Gaming Studios: I designed 3D objects, character motion and character animation and Flash for "Panzer Gaming Studios" game developers team from state. I use 3D Studio for Unreal 3 game engine SDK.

Summer 2011: Experimental projects on Unreal engine and Cryengine.

Summer 2010: Scenario and design motion for game characters used in Unreal engine.
Developed with Autodesk Motion Builder.
Visit sample on YouTube: Final Dhiaho

Spring 2010: Design and programming Flash-based game engine. My engine prepares an arcade shooting game, interact with mouse or touch. I already developed two games based on this engine.
Developed with Action Script 3.0, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop
Play "Time Raider" on: http://www.kataxco.com/num/num04.html
Play "Zion Defender" on: http://www.kataxco.com/zd/zd04.html

Spring 2010: "What is the relation between Compute game genres and Emotions?"
is the title of my thesis for Master of Multimedia Honor from Swinburne University of Technology Melbourne - Australia. It is an academic research on relations and common roots between emotions and computer game genres.
Get PDF file of "What is the relation between Compute game genres and Emotions?"

Autumn 2006: Making "Nibok" method. The "Nibok" is a method for creating computer games, by supporting all possible/impossible details and complexity in various genres.
This method is not depends on hardware or software but works with "Human" factors, because of that "Nibok" can be used in all environments, cultures, region and any level of game design technology.
Get PDF file of Nibok

During winter 2003 to winter 2004 I was the manager of cyber net cafe (game network) known as "The Sun Dragon". My office provides facilities on multiplayer games for gamers in this Iran. Education, arranging matches base on WCG standards on multiple multiplayer games and also supporting "Game Culture" were main areas in my office which we were working on.
For the first time in the country , we established a gamers community called "ICG - Iran Cyber Games " in Iran. The "ICG" worked on 2 main scenarios; arrange and prepare local multiplayer leagues and develop local multiplayer gaming across the country. Because of "ICG" now mostly gamers in Iran are familiar with Counter Strike and FIFA as local network multiplying in cyber cafes. Finally, we received a pass to the international stages
"WCG" -World Cyber Games
We got support by "LG " and "Samsung " companies. This was the first time that the gamers of Iran could play on international stages. For more details visit:

ICG is banned by Iranian government from spring 2006.

My gameplays (1989 to 2012)

Amiga computer platform:

Dune II (my first RTL strategy)
Speed Ball II
Shadow of the Beast I , II , III , IV
The Last Ninja I , II , III
Lemmings  I , II

Another World
Battle Squadron
The Settlers
It came from the Desert
Silk Road
Thunder Hawk
Silent Hunter
U.S.S John Young
Defenders of the Crown

PC computer platform:

Crysis I, II
Tomb Raider I, II, III, IV  
Unreal Tournament 2003, 2004, III
Quake I , III and IV
WarCraft I , II
Emperor (battle for Dune)
Harpoon IV
Metro 2033
Call of Duty
Point of Attack
Silent Hunter II , III
The Settlers
Total Annihilation  
Supreme Commander I and II
Half Life I , II
Battlefield 3
Alien vs Pridator I and II
Homeworld 1 , 1.5 , 2
Total war (Shogon, Medieval, Rome)

Area 51
StarCraft I , II
Left 4 Dead 1 , 2
Panzer General II
Panzer General 3D
Panzers (phase one, two, cold war)
Delta force – black hawk down
The battle for the middle earth I and II
Matrix I
Command & Conquers
                           II - Tiberiun Son
                           Red Alert I, II, III
                           Generals and Generals Zero Hour
                           Tiberium Wars

Dawn of war (warhammer 40000)
F.E.A.R I , II                         
Blood I and II
Sim City 2 , 3 , 4
Tycoon (all series)
Civilization II , III , IV
Ground Control I , II
Age of Empires I , II , III
Project IGI I , II
Heart of iron I and II
Black and White

5. Video and Animation

Spring 2010: "24 Hours" video project for Swinburne University of Technology Melbourne - Australia. It is experimental project during 24 hours with Single-Frame technique.
Watch "24 Hours" on YouTube

Winter 2008: "STOP FEAR OF WAR" animation project. This animation is made by Adobe Flash.
Watch " STOP FEAR OF WAR " on YouTube


I. Music
From childhood I love electronic music. Now I listen to vast various kind of music style. Because of this I can manage and design the cover for albums and the various artist CDs for commercial usage or special aids. Also I worked with some artistic groups in case of music making and music video. After my visit from India on 2005 I try to spend more time for DJs experiences and learn more technical things about music softwares. The music is not just fun for me these days, it is like a food, enter from ears and make energy in my brain and body. My favorite musician is "Klaus Schulze".

II. Tao Te Ching
The Chinese culture is always attractive for me. The book of "I Ching" prepare me for deeper movements with "Tao".
This self-project is still online and I try to discover more.

Emperor Katax
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