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C# XNA···············

    Name: Heymdall

The application detect the mouse coordinations and respond as movement and rotation with delays. All parts can be adjust during run time. This is an example of "Real Time Interaction" by code which can be used by Games or Touch-pads. Developed by C# and XNA.
If you try to install my application and you have NOT the XNA 4.0, it will automatically download the XNA 4.0 for your system. Also, I put sources for download.
Enjoy .. : ),,

Scale:(arrow Up/Down) - Number of Items:(arrow Left/Right)
Roration Speed:(Z/X) - Delay on movements:(Q/W)
Mouse visibility: M (switch on/off) - Quit: Escape


Heymdall - installer pack
Heymdall demo - new version (XML support)

Heymdall - source code pack

JavaScript ···············

    Name: Minesweeper game

Developed with JavaScript


Minesweeper - JavaScript


3D Object ···············

    Name: Mask (zombie design)

Design with 3DStudio Max 9 (with Service Pack 2) and Adobe Photoshop CS4 for texture. Polygones: 565 Mesh 567


Mask (zombie design) object+texture pack

Yahoo Flickr image gallery ···············

    Name: Flickr image gallery

Developed with HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP and Yahoo Flickr API


Yahoo Flickr gallery source pack

Yahoo Flickr gallery

ActionScript 3.0 , 2.0 - Flash UI ··········

Comming soon:
"Zion Defender"
game engine source code - AS 3.0
- play game
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